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OSQ CarrBag tw 260 paper bags with handles

OSQ CarrBag tw 260 paper bags with handles
OSQ CarrBag tw 260 paper bags with handles

OSQ CarrBag tw 260 paper bags with handles

ECO CarrBag tw 260 paper bags with handles are suitable for supermarkets and Take Away companies that offer their customers ready-to-go food products. We produce standard kraft color models and are engaged in the manufacture of branded packaging. The unique design of the handle pouches will set you apart from the competition and increase the added value of your products.

Features of ECO CarrBag tw 260 packages

  • Eco-friendly renewable materials are used to make Kraft paper bags with handles. Manufactured in accordance with ISO and HACCP standards.
  • The density of the material is 70 g / m2. The products are durable and reliable.
  • Packages do not require assembly and are delivered folded. During transportation and storage, the container takes up a minimum of space.
  • We produce two types of Kraft paper bags with twisted handles. The products are designed to store and transport medium to large quantities of products.

3 reasons to order ECO CarrBag tw 260

  • Efficiency. The production and delivery of paper bags with twisted handles is as fast as possible.
  • Low prices. We have reduced administrative costs and streamlined production processes. The cost of paper bags and other products has been reduced to a minimum.
  • Catching design. When creating branded bags with pens, experts implement modern marketing techniques.
Dimensions, mm Product ID Case size, pcs Material, thickness, g / m2 Weight, kg / Volume,m3
260x150x350 OSQ CarrBag tw 260 150 Крафт, 70 5,8 / 0,05


Packing type

Without a window

Food texture



Gas stations / Bakeries / Cafés / Catering services / Coffee shop / Delis / Fast food restaurants / Restaurants / Supermarkets / Take Away

Product Key

Biodegradable / Made From renewable resources / Recyclable