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OSQ HD Enjoy Hot Dog Trays

OSQ HD Enjoy Hot Dog Trays

OSQ HD Enjoy Hot Dog Trays

ECO HD Enjoy Packaging

ECO HD Enjoy Hot Dog Packaging is a great choice for Fast Food businesses. Convenient containers eliminate the need for utensils. ECO HD hot dog packs are suitable for nuggets, baguettes, fries and a variety of snacks. We offer standard models of kraft color and services for the design of containers in a corporate style. Branded packaging for hot dogs will increase the cost of products and become an effective marketing tool.

Features ECO HD Enjoy

  • DoEco & nbsp; Hot dog packs with the Enjoy print are made from sustainable, renewable materials. The production is carried out under the strict supervision of highly qualified specialists. ISO and HACCP governing standards are complied with.
  • Dimensions - 165 * 70 * 40 mm. The containers are suitable for selling standard hot dogs, sandwiches and medium-sized snacks.
  • Products do not require assembly. Hot dog packs are supplied pre-assembled. There are no problems during operation.
  • Internal protective lamination makes DoEco hot dog packages moisture and grease resistant. Thick cardboard does not deform when heating food in microwave ovens.
The ECO HD Enjoy hot dog packs combine superior quality and affordable price. We have minimized product costs by working directly with material suppliers, reducing administrative costs and streamlining production processes. Regular wholesale customers are provided with serious discounts on packaging for hot dogs and other products. We guarantee strict compliance with our obligations.

How to order hot dog packaging

To buy standard or branded packaging for hot dogs, contact us in any convenient way. The manager will provide advice and an up-to-date commercial offer.
Dimensions, mm Product ID Case size, pcs Weight, kg / Volume,m3
165x70x40 OSQ HD Enjoy 600 6,5 / 0,02


Packing type

Without a window

Food texture

Dry / Liquid

Type of delivery



Catering services / Fast food restaurants / Restaurants / Take Away

Product Key

Greaseproof & Waterproof / Made From renewable resources / Microwaveable / Recyclable