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Packaging OSQ DECKER 65 for sealing sandwiches

Packaging OSQ DECKER 65 for sealing sandwiches

Packaging OSQ DECKER 65 for sealing sandwiches

Packaging ECO DECKER 65 for sandwiches

DoEco ECO SANDWICH 60 Termo packages are intended for wholesale and retail distribution of ready-made food products. Our developments have found application in cafes, restaurants, bakeries, megamarkets and other points of sale. The original triangular packs for multiple sandwiches are ideal for storing and transporting fatty and dry hot foods.
  • Sealed, laminated products on the inside retain moisture and grease.
  • Sandwich packs are quick and easy to assemble by hand.
  • The materials do not deform when the sandwiches are heated in the microwave.
  • Packaging for sandwiches, made in the corporate style of the company, will favorably distinguish your product against the background of competitors' offers.

Features of ECO DECKER 65

We produce cardboard boxes for several sandwiches in two series. Products of the Termo range are designed for sealing. Packages for sandwiches of the same series differ from each other in width. The capacity and cost of the boxes depend on it. We offer our customers environmentally friendly certified products that are recyclable. Provide us with a layout or order its creation, and we will manufacture branded packages for sandwiches and sandwiches with an individual design.
Dimensions, mm Product ID Case size, pcs Weight, kg / Volume,m3
127x127x65 OSQ DECKER 65 800 12 / 0,03


Packing type

Heat seal model / With window

Food texture

Dry / Greasy

Type of delivery



Food vending / Bakeries / Cafés / Catering services / Coffee shop / Delis / Fast food restaurants / Supermarkets

Product Key

Greaseproof & Waterproof / Hot Content friendly / Microwaveable / Recyclable